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€823,621% VAT

3 m2  799 euro
4 m2  863 euro
5 m2  919 euro
6 m2  975 euro
7 m2  1031 euro
8 m2  1095 euro
9 m2  1151 euro
10 m2 1215 euro
11 m2 1279 euro
12 m2 1335 euro

Duotone Neo 2020

Fantastic drifting abilities
To get the most out of every wave session a kite needs to be exceedingly stable in the air with excellent drift, making it perfect for waveriding.

Responsive steering - powered or depowered
Whether you're powered or not, with the Adaptive Tip, kites have a very responsive steering at all time - powered or not.

Very powerful - but with great depower
Always the perfect amount of power which is required during waveriding. Choose at least one size smaller!

Flex Segment Leading Edge design
Special Flex Segments have been built into the leading edge, allowing the kite to twist even more when turning. This improves the handling capabilities of the Neo making it very dynamic.

Adjustable front bridle
The adjustable fornt bridle offers a freeride tuning setup. Those who want a more solid bar feel and kite feedback, should go for the Hard Adaptive Tip setting.

New trailing edge design for less canopy wear
A narrower trailing edge and a lighter combination of materials to reduce wear and to create a slicker kite profile.


Price: €680,7