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Speed, power, and pure Windsurfing thrill. When something works, it’s best not to fix it. This pedigreed predator redefined the Freeride category in 2013 and will continue to wow testers in 2014. The 97, 111, 125 and 135 liter Hawks are derived from our best Freestyle and Slalom shapes, for a unique blend of jibing perfection, early planing and top-end speed that holds a place in any windsurfer’s dream quiver.
Refined fast rocker lines with tuned tail release – most noticeably on the 97 – on wider compact shapes with thin, tucked-under edges make for perfect all-rounders that don’t catch rails in carving or sliding moves. Comfy deck doming in the tail and strap areas as well as a recessed deck guarantee you’re always in control in flat water, swell or chop.
All sizes are offered in either eco-friendly and durable Bamboo Sandwich Light or ultra-stiff, lightweight and impact-resistant Carbon Innegra/Basalt Sandwich Light LTD construction. The LTD construction features environment-friendly Cork-Sandwich technology on the deck and the high-tech Basalt Cloth on the board base, creating one of the most responsive rides around. For extra weight-savings, the LTD edition features our Light Finish look, in which board colour is mixed into the resin. From the esteemed testers of Planchemag: “This board flies over the water and offers lots of acceleration. Free under the feet and very exhilarating in light to medium winds once you are planing!” No matter what kind of windsurfer you are, you’ll love your ride on the Hawk.

Price: €1.321,5